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Hannaway Lawyers Pty Ltd was established in Port Macquarie
in February of 2002. Since then, we have assisted
clients in a diverse range of cases related to civil,
criminal, family, property conveyancing and wills and

Whether you are due in court for a small matter or a serious and complex case, our solicitors work with you to get your best possible results. We handle every matter with the same care, consideration and professionalism that we would expect from a professional representing us.

Hannaway Lawyers Pty Ltd has highly valued, knowledgeable and motivated staff. We endeavour to provide the highest quality services possible. Our team strives to be correct on the law, respectful, skilled in representation and compassionate with every client.

Our goal is to get the best possible outcome for our clients, and we consistently work to achieve this.

Accredited specialists

One of the advantages of using our firm is that we have an accredited specialist in Family Law and Criminal Law. Only 6.7% of all lawyers in NSW have accreditation in Criminal Law and 13.3% in Family Law. Only 2% of lawyers have both accreditations at once.

You may see other firms describe themselves as specialists, but if they are not Accredited Specialists, then they are not recognized by the Law Society of NSW as being a specialist. Having the specialist accreditation means that the solicitor has spent more time studying criminal and family law, and passed oral and written exams, assignments, provided a portfolio of work and demonstrate that they have more experience handling such cases.

All of our staff are mentored and closely monitored by our accredited specialist. We often obtain successful outcomes because of this concentrated expertise and experience.

Accredited Specialist Family Law - Hannaway Lawyers Port Macquarie NSW
Accredited Specialist Criminal Law - Hannaway Lawyers Port Macquarie NSW
Why Choose Us

The easiest way to ensure that you have quality representation for any legal matter is by consulting with one of the solicitors at Hannaway Lawyers Pty Ltd. We are proud to serve the community in Port Macquarie and surrounding areas.

Aside from having an Accredited Specialist in Criminal and Family Law, we also have special expertise in domestic violence, divorce, civil matters, preparing wills, power of attorney’s and enduring guardianship, challenging wills and other legal matters. We provide advice on a broad range of issues and accept cases pertaining to criminal, civil, family, property and children’s law, along with appeals, civil litigation and regional and supreme court matters.

There are two ways that Hannaway Lawyers Pty Ltd helps its clients. The first is when our clients come to us at the beginning of their legal matter. We work on their case from the very first motions to the final appeal, if necessary.

There are other instances where we join a case at a later date. Perhaps you were unhappy with the way your previous solicitors handled your case, and you would prefer that Hannaway Lawyers Pty Ltd take over your matter.

With Hannaway Lawyers Pty Ltd on your side, you have an excellent chance of achieving a favourable outcome in your case. Given our business has served the region since 2002, we know a great deal about how the law works in the area. Every solicitor at Hannaway Lawyers Pty Ltd is experienced and certified, and do ongoing continuing Legal development courses each year.

If you are seeking reasonably priced, personalised, caring and expert legal assistance from a team of solicitors that can handle cases of any magnitude, you will not find a better firm than Hannaway Lawyers Pty Ltd.

Accredited Specialist Family Law - Hannaway Lawyers Port Macquarie NSW
Accredited Specialist Criminal Law - Hannaway Lawyers Port Macquarie NSW

Our team

When you hire Hannaway Lawyers Pty Ltd, you are receiving access to some of the top legal minds in the region.

Douglas Hannaway

Douglas Hannaway is the principal lawyer at the practice.

Douglas holds Specialist Accreditation from The Law Society of NSW in both Family Law and also in Criminal Law. He is the only solicitor in Port Macquarie to hold accreditation in Family Law and is one of two solicitors to hold it in Criminal Law. He is one of the very few solicitors in the state to hold more than one accreditation as they take extensive written and oral exams to obtain.

Since his admission spanning more than 2 decades, Douglas had practiced and successfully represented clients in a range of areas of law, with his primary focus on Criminal Law, Family law, Civil Litigation and Wills, Estates and Probates.

Douglas brings with him extensive experience and particular expertise in dealing with serious and complex family law and criminal cases. He specialises in conducting Family Law matters involving complex parenting or financial issues, including high net worth property settlements and complex family business structures.

He is appointed as an Independent Children’s Lawyer to act for children in complex Family Law Matters where a Judge determines a lawyer is required to represent the child/ren.

Douglas believes that his strengths as a legal practitioner lie in his ability to provide clients with advice that is both strategic and pragmatic, particularly when it comes to navigating difficult disputes. He draws on his experience and commercial judgment to deliver early positive outcomes for my clients whenever possible.

Gabrielle Hannaway

Gabrielle Hannaway has a Masters of Law (Family Law). She was admitted as a Solicitor and Barrister in 2015 and has experience in a variety of areas of law. She has done extensive work in family law and criminal law, having appeared in the Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Federal Circuit Court and Family Court.

Gabrielle has also been appointed as an Independent Children’s Lawyer, being one of only 5 in Port Macquarie.

Gabrielle is resolution focused and takes a very practical approach to her matters. Having obtained further education in Family Law she prides herself on giving accurate legal advice and providing pragmatic and high quality litigation services.

Gabrielle has appeared for people on a variety of criminal cases ranging from simple to very serious, such as AVO matters, PCA’s and DUI’s, assaults, wounding with intent, armed robberies, sexual assault, and accessory to manslaughter.

In Family Law she has successfully obtained location orders, recovery orders, no contact orders, changes of residency from one parent to another, and sole parental responsibility orders.

Gabrielle accepts a limited number of Legal Aid matters and considers applications on a case by case basis from the following Legal Aid Panels: Family Law, Summary Crime, Indictable Crime, Children’s Crime, Domestic Violence, Family Law Domestic Violence Cross-Examination, Civil Law, Care & Protection and the Mental Health Panel.

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