Criminal law in Port Macquarie

Douglas and Gabrielle practice in the local, District and Supreme Court in simple and complex criminal law cases.
Douglas Hannaway is an accredited specialist in criminal law. He is only one of two solicitors in Port Macquarie with specialist accreditation. Only 6.7% of all lawyers in NSW have specialist accreditation in criminal law.

The team have successfully defended people on many occasions in the local court and in the District and Supreme Court. Our solicitors have both instructed in many jury trials and sentencing hearings in the District Court.

Not all solicitors can represent you on Legal Aid in the District or Supreme Court, because they lack the accreditation to do so.

Douglas and Gabrielle are able to represent you in the Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court where Legal Aid does not retain a Grant of Legal Aid for you.

Douglas is an experienced advocate in preparing and running local court hearings. If you wish to plead not guilty to an offence, you should consider utilising an accredited specialist to represent you in the local court.

If you have a serious charge that will be sent to the District Court, we can represent you up until the trial or sentence, and get the best barristers to represent you at your trial or sentencing hearing. We work closely with our barristers to help you in your matters.

We investigate the accusations against you and prepare each matter carefully and concisely so that your story is told to the court with precision.

Legal aid has a policy of retaining all legal aid criminal law matters. We cannot make an application and represent you in the local court, as the local office handles them. In limited cases, we can represent you on legal aid in the District or Supreme Court where legal aid at Port Macquarie agrees to transfer the file to us. You can nominate our firm when you make the application.

Criminal Law

Hannaway Lawyers Pty Ltd can assist with all criminal law matters, including the following:

Examples of charges we can represent you on are:

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