Traffic infringements & driving offences in Port Macquarie

In NSW, traffic offences are governed by the Road Rules 2008 and the Road Transport Act 2013. Breaching the rules or legislation will result in a traffic infringement being issued to you, or you may receive a court attendance notice.

Some breaches will result in a fine only, or a fine and a suspension. Others can attract a jail sentence.

At Hannaway Lawyers Pty Ltd, we understand that being penalised and losing your licence are serious matters. It is important that you get good advice from a lawyer soon after being charged, or having your licence suspended.

Hannaway Lawyers Pty Ltd can assist with the following traffic law matters:

While some minimum penalties are mandatory, we can advise you on the best possible strategy to adopt in attempting to reduce the penalty. In some instances, we can help you keep your licenses by getting a section 10 (non-conviction) or minimising the disqualification period.

A section 10 is where the court finds you guilty of the offence, but decides not to record a conviction. A section 10 is also now called a “Conditional Release Order without Conviction”. Since 2010, a section 10 means that you will not lose any demerit points connected with that offence.

Douglas and Gabrielle are experienced criminal lawyers and understand the importance of having a licence, and the difficulties caused by losing your licence.

Douglas Hannaway is an accredited specialist in criminal law. He is only one of two solicitors in Port Macquarie with the specialist accreditation. Only 6.7% of all lawyers in NSW have specialist accreditation in criminal law.

Our lawyers have had success in obtaining section 10 for driving matters, and achieving excellent results in really serious driving matters. Traffic offences can be complicated and the punishments imposed can vary greatly depending on the representations made before a court.

There are many other factors relevant to traffic offences such as educational programs and testimonials that may be tendered in support of an offender that will have an impact on the penalty imposed.

If you have been charged or lost your licence and you think you might be able to get a section 10, contact us today to lock in an appointment with one of our lawyers.

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